Training Services:

Professional customer support and training can help you optimize the use of Sariya IT solutions.

Everyone has an individual learning style and each business requires different expertise. This is why sariya offers a variety of products training that can be combined according to individual preference.

Sariya IT offers a broad range of technical training courses and assessments on our technologies and products. Whether you are a Sariya end-user customer or partner, our training and assessment will prepare you for success in operation and administration of our products.

Testing and Commissioning:

Sariya IT Provide a vendor’s product in-house to ensure that it will work in your environment and function the way it was promoted. You’re going to try out an application security assessment product before you buy it, but on your turf and in your environment.

In order to build a successful POC, it’s critical to approach it with the understanding that not all security products will fit the needs of your company. To determine how the product will function in the organization, be sure to determine what the security product will be doing for you or your team.

Designing Services:

Sariya Consultation Service brings together problem-solving methodologies and hands-on experience to improve the return on your IT investment. Sariya IT solutions address the specific needs of each industry. Rapidly changing business requirements place complex burdens on existing IT infrastructure and service delivery capabilities. Our consulting solutions assess your IT challenges to better target infrastructure investments to meet business expectations.

Targeted help provides your team the insights, analysis and road maps necessary to reduce your risk as you modernize your IT infrastructure services

Installation Services:

With new technologies constantly evolving, businesses require a support resource that can provide them with time-critical installation services. At Sariya we have a team of highly qualified engineers to support your requirements giving you peace of mind that your customers’ installation requirements are in safe hands.

Our specialist, highly trained support engineers to provide best installation service to end user and resellers ensuring proficiency in addressing and diagnosing any IT Security problems your customers may face. With engineers across the Kingdom, we have the necessary support infrastructure for all our products installation service.

After Sales Services:

Businesses often lack the IT resources internally to deal with today’s many types of sophisticated internet security threats. That means networks are constantly at risk to these external attacks that can have a major impact on the productivity of a business.

Sariya IT Provide Service level agreement with variety of Options .We provide Remote SLA, which help our client professionally and economically

A sale is the first step for increasing sales, not the last. Providing good after-sales services. We want to build a long-term relationship with them earn their loyalty and keep their business.